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We aim to empower care providers with client centric tools that enable efficient client-centric care services


Optimal care system. Just when the client needs it most.


AvantCare Solution

The AvantCare Solution introduces the unified client and services information management platform. The capability of the Solution is to facilitate client centric business processes and at the same time, stay agile to support business dynamics– this is the main differentiating characteristic of the solution.

The Solution enables client-centric information management approach that links together data about activities performed by various functional groups within a provider.

The Solution facilitates processes all along the client journey from the first conversation with a person identifies a need through to assessment, funding applications, service planning and service delivery, NDIS reporting.  Various aspects of the client journey are captured linked together through the Solution components.

The Solution supports providers in developing a client-centric business model, with personalised delivery while keeping sufficient autonomy in the service departments. 


Engage Client

  • Transition Prospect to Client
  • Manage Client Communication
  • Manage Client Information
  • Empower Client with Client Service Portal and Client Service App

Plan Care

  • Manage Service Catalogue and Service Pricing Integrated with NDIS
  • Build Client Care Plan and Track Care Budgets
  • Keep Client in Control Over Care Plan and Care Budget

Deliver Care

  • Schedule and Roster Care Personnel
  • Track Client Care Budgets
  • Manage On-Site Service Delivery
  • Facilitate Internal Collaboration


  • NDIS Billing
  • Integrate with Payroll and ERP
  • Export Data to External Systems
  • Operational and Analytical Management Reporting

Client Management solution has improved the care planning process at MSWA and has huge impact on the level of care we provide to our clients. ”

— Sue Shapland, General Manager Member Services, MSWA


Client Information Management

The Client Information Management System orchestrates client service planning and client service delivery activities. The solution components manage information and facilitate collaboration at all key stages of client journeys:

  • Client Engagement – the System captures details of individuals and manages transition of clients through various stages of engagement: initial contact, assessment, funding application, service planning, and service delivery. The System is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and also provides the capability to track client-related communication history.
  • Client Record – the System stores client health information along with client documents.
  • Service Planning – provider's entire service catalogue is stored in the system and used to create and manage client-tailored service plans linked to the life goals set by a client.
  • Service Delivery – this key stage requires close collaboration between various groups who coordinate and provide care. The System assists in coordinating these efforts through a flow of internal referrals.
  • Scheduling – to support delivery of care service in client homes, the System manages the scheduling of support workers and the creation of an overall roster based on client preferences and support worker profiles. This requires capturing any client preferences, tracking support workers’ availability, and storing support worker profiles, including skill sets and location.



  • Reduced response time
  • Improved collaboration
  • NDIS compliance

Cost Saving

  • Automated scheduling
  • Improved utilisation of carer's time

Client Satisfaction

  • Control over plans and budgets

Care Worker Mobility

Mobile application facilitates day-to-day activities of support workers including

  • Work Order Schedule
  • Work Order Confirmations
  • Work Order History
  • Availability Tracking and Time Off Management
  • Access to Care Procedures

Client Portal


Client Mobile App

Clients use provider-branded AvantCare portal to access all essential service information, interact with care team, read relevant articles and other published content. Not only that contributes towards service delivery efficiencies but also established two-way communication link between provider and client and creates a sense of assurance and supports clients, carers and clients' families.


My Care Goals

My Care Plan

My Care Budget

My Care Schedule

Service History

Chat With Care Team

Respond To Surveys

Read Announcements and Other Provider Content