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Empowering Care Providers with Client-Centric Toolsets


AvantCare is an integrated client and services information management platform. The platform facilitates client-centric business processes and at the same time, stays agile to support business objectives - this is AvantCare's main differentiating characteristic from other solutions. AvantCare enables a client-centric information management approach that links together data about activities performed by a care provider's various functional groups.






  • Improve efficiency in service planning and delivery;

  • Support complex funding and service delivery requirements for both block and individualised funding;

  • Reduce delay in NDIS and other funding claims;

  • Accurate record of case notes and time-sheets;

  • Manage skills, competency and ratio compliance;

  • Manage complaint and incidents in NDIS quality and safeguard framework;

  • Improve internal collaboration and client engagement;

  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities in service delivery;

  • Improve transparency and visibility.



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Scheduling & Rostering

Client Management

  • Deliver Client centric schedules based on client demands;

  • Simplify rostering by Recurring scheduling templates and prefer support workers for client schedule;

  • Complied with NDIS and other compliance on skill compliance, client staff ratio and record keeping;

  • Speed up rostering process by filer support workers with right skills, travel distance and availability;

  • Minimise cost in travel time and distance.

  • Improve engagement in referral and client on-boarding process;

  • Reduce administration by integrated website enquiry form (optional);

  • Improve service budget utilisation in service agreement set up and ongoing funding management;

  • Manage client risk in medical conditions and risk assessment;

  • Deliver evidence base outcome via goal progress tracking;

  • Complied with client record keeping in case notes and service recording;

  • Simplify billing in individualised (e.g. NDIS) or Block funding (e.g. Mental Health Commission) billing calculations;

  • Reduce claiming delay in NDIS and DEX integration;

  • Support Medical Care integration (optional).



  • Designed to simplify and reduce admin time for support workers;

  • Access to the right level of information including work schedule, client information, emergency contact detail, medical conditions and case notes history;

  • Simplify work in leave requests and availability management;

  • Reduce delay in internal referral and incident reporting.

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Client Portal

  • Increase transparency in support schedule, service history and funding balance;

  • Conveniently update contract details and service preferences.

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Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Powered by leading analytic and business intelligence platform – Microsoft Power BI;

  • Visualise key business information such as client number, service revenue, resource utilisation and other KPIs;

  • Gain new business insights and make data-driven decisions;

  • Be informed on service standards and service delivery status;

  • Capability to connect beyond CMS, finance and payroll. Visualise data from health monitoring services, building maintenance and other data sources.

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Document Management

  • Secure storage on client documents such as assessments, service agreements and medical documents;

  • Simplify document version control and collaboration;

  • Getting more done via document template and workflows.

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Marketing Integration

  • Transform client engagement process via lead prioritisation, automate hand-off and track progress with shared information;

  • Act upon strategic segments with AI-driven insight;

  • Improve marketing ROI in multichannel campaigns, personalise buyer experience and survey customers;

  • Simplify event management.

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Volunteer Management

  • Simplify volunteer on-boarding process;

  • Centralise Management of volunteer skills, preferences, certificate and other core volunteer information;

  • Accurate recording of contribution and provide recognition.

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Donation Management

  • Manage corporate donation, fundraising program and planned giving in one source system;

  • Demonstrate social impact in distribution and different indicators.

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Security & Compliance Information

  • Hosted in secured Australia data centre with geo-redundancy;

  • Simplified access control via Active Directory integration;

  • Roles based security for each;

  • User audit history.

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Incident Management

  • Manage incidents and complaints in accordance with NDIS Quality and Safeguarding framework;

  • Evidence on incident management for audit;

  • Stay informed via report notification and escalation workflow;

  • Quality monitoring and improvement.

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Self-Audit Assessment

  • Capture NDSI Practice Standards and Quality Indicators performance longitudinally;

  • Involve frontline support worker, quality manager or even client and their family.

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Payroll & Award Interpretation

  • Simplify timesheet and payroll process;

  • Covers common Awards including;

    • Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 [MA000100]; 

    • Aged Care Award 2010 [MA000018]; 

    • Clerks—Private Sector Award 2010 [MA000002] and 

    • Other awards listed on Fair Work Commission.

  • Signal touch payroll ready;

  • Simplify leave management.

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Attract, Offer & On-boarding

  • Unify candidate profile, pools and pipelines;

  • Improve the candidate experience;

  • Simplify interview;

  • Accelerate offer acceptance and;

  • Build a high-performance team.

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HR Core

  • Increase retention with the career path and professional development;

  • Elevate performance and feedback;

  • Make sound decision based on analysis.

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Financial Management

  • Streamline integration with NDIS and other Claiming processes;

  • Manage all account payable and receivable;

  • Multi-dimension tracing;

  • ATO report ready.




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Awards & Recognitions

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MICROSOFT Partner of the Year Award 2019

  • Partner for Social Impact

ITAC 2017 - Awarded High Commendation in Category 5:

  • Best workforce efficiency or quality improvement solution

ITAC 2017 - Nominated as:

  • Best aged care software development and/or deployment

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ACS Digital Disruptors Awards 2017 - Nominated as:

Service transformation for the digital consumer - Not for profit


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Finalist in three categories for WAiTTA INCITE Awards (2017):

  • Most Impactful Social Benefit

  • Most Innovative Collaborative Technology

  • Most Effective Platform