AvantCare - Client-centric Care Management Software
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Reporting and Business Intelligence


· Funding breakdown;

· Service delivery status.

Key functions

  • Dashboard;
    • Live data report in the system
    • Security of data applied to dashboard
    • Different dashboard can be displayed for different user roles
  • System charts;
    • Visualise information within the system
    • Charts are dynamically generated from data
  • Business Intelligence;
    • Analysis of the relationship between site productivity and client number
    • Filter by location, time and service type
    • Compare payroll data with AvantCare data
    • Identify utilisation to improve productivity
  • Additional reporting capability;
    • Day to day information
      • Quick search
        • Categorised Search allows you to search across multiple record types all at the same time (e.g. a client name, all emails, service records, and funding arrangements)
      • Advanced find
        • Users can specify, create ad hoc queries (e.g. all clients in a specific region), save, export and share the results. The results can then be exported to Excel or CSV.