Driving Social Value Through Empowerment

Security & Compliance Information

· Engagement, quotation and onboarding;

· Service delivery;

· Funding tracking.


· Engagement, quotation and on-boarding;

· Service delivery;

· Funding tracking.

Key functions

  • Covered in fundamental implementation;
  • Require Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement license for Coordinator;
  • Require Microsoft Dynamics 365 team member license for care workers;
  • Supporters user defended dashboard and charts;
  • Data management;
    • Data can be imported and exported via CSV or excel file
    • Configurable data duplication detection
    • Auditing function available
  • Office product integration;
    • Exchange integration (emails, appointments and tasks)
    • Phone integration with complex PBX products
  • Customisation and administration;
    • Business processes to guild operator
    • Business workflows to
    • Role base security