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for Care Providers

AvantCare is an integrated client and services information management platform.  The platform facilitates client-centric business processes and at the same time, stays agile to support business objectives – this is AvantCare's main differentiating characteristic from other solutions.

AvantCare enables a client-centric information management approach that links together data about activities performed by a care provider's various functional groups.  Care providers can make decisions with real-time and credible information.

AvantCare facilitates processes all along the client journey right from the first conversation where a person identifies a need, through to assessment, funding applications, service planning, service delivery, NDIS reporting and even client feedback.  Client touch points along their journey are captured and linked together through AvantCare's system components.

AvantCare supports care providers in developing a client-centric business model so delivery can be personalised, yet sufficient autonomy is maintained to provide quality care to clients.


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AvantCare Capabilities


engaging clients

  • Monitor Social Networks Dynamics and Connect with Existing and Prospect Clients
  • Transition Prospect to Client
  • Manage Client Communications
  • Manage Client Information
  • Empower Client with Client Service Portal

empower delivery team

  • Care Worker Mobility
  • Internal Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Plan client care

  • Manage Service Catalogue and Pricing, and Billing
  • Support Individual/Block Funding Tracking and Management
  • Build Client Care Plan and Track Care Budgets
  • Support Client Choice and Control Over Care Plan and Care Budget

deliver client care

  • Schedule and Roster Care Personnel
  • Manage Case Notes and Client Documents
  • Track Client Care Budgets
  • Manage On-Site Service Delivery and Outcomes
  • Facilitate Internal Collaboration
  • Manage Incident Resolution
  • Utilise Fleet Management Information
  • Gather Client Feedback


  • NDIS Billing
  • Integrate Ready with Payroll, Financial, and Other Systems
  • Export Data to External Systems
  • Business Intelligence Report and Management Dashboard

    When the Client Needs It Most

    Client Information Management

    AvantCare's Client Information Management component orchestrates client service planning and client service delivery activities.  This component manages information and facilitates collaboration at all key stages of client journeys:

    • Client Engagement – AvantCare captures details of individuals and manages transition of clients through various stages of engagement: initial contact, assessment, funding application, service planning, service delivery and feedback.  AvantCare is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and also provides the capability to track client-related communications history. Integrated Microsoft Social Engagement component helps to gather intelligence, source information about prospect clients, and build credibility through social communication.
    • Client Record – AvantCare securely stores health information along with client documents.
    • Incident Management - the system supports structured workflows to capture, manage and resolve incidents.
    • Fleet information - AvantCare integrates with tracking services providing real-time information about corporate vehicles used to deliver client services.
    • Service Planning – the provider's entire service catalogue is stored in the system which is used to create and manage client-tailored service plans linked to the life goals set by clients.
    • Service Delivery – this key stage requires close collaboration between various groups who coordinate and provide care.  AvantCare assists in coordinating these efforts through a flow of internal referrals.
    • Scheduling – to support delivery of care service in client homes, using AvantCare, coordinators can manage the scheduling of care workers and the creation of an overall roster based on client preferences and care worker profiles.  This requires capturing any client preferences, tracking care worker availability, and storing care worker profiles, including skill sets and location.

    Care Worker Mobility

    The Mobile application component facilitates day-to-day activities of care workers including:

    • Scheduling service requests (planned and ad hoc)
    • Care worker schedule confirmations
    • Service delivery history
    • Availability Tracking and Time Off Management
    • Access to care procedures and client care plans


    Client Service Portal

    Clients use the service portal component of AvantCare, which can be updated to include a care provider's branding, to access all essential service information, interact with their care team, read relevant articles and other published content.  Not only will the portal contribute towards service delivery efficiency, but will also establish a two-way communication link between provider and client.  This creates assurance and support for clients, carers and client families.

    • My Care Goals
    • My Care Plan
    • My Care Budget
    • My Care Schedule
    • Service History
    • Chat With Care Team
    • Provide Feedback
    • Respond To Surveys
    • Read Announcements and Other Provider Content

    Awards & Recognitions


    ITAC 2017 - Awarded High Commendation in Category 5:

    • Best workforce efficiency or quality improvement solution

    ITAC 2017 - Nominated as:

    • Best aged care software development and/or deployment
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    ACS Digital Disruptors Awards 2017 - Nominated as:

    Service transformation for the digital consumer - Not for profit



    Finalist in three categories for WAiTTA INCITE Awards (2017):

    • Most Impactful Social Benefit
    • Most Innovative Collaborative Technology
    • Most Effective Platform